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Two days ago I dis­cov­ered the new Fast­Mem­ber Plug-in for Word­Press that is astound­ing to say the least.

It is called the Fast­Mem­ber Plu­gin and what it can do for you is quite sim­ply Amazing.

I am not an affil­i­ate of this plug-in or prof­it­ing from giv­ing you this infor­ma­tion. It is a free­bie on my part, but I won’t advise you to pur­chase it with­out read­ing some of the forum posts and the information.

Fast­Mem­ber Plugin

There are three lev­els of this prod­uct and the light ver­sion is $27.00, the pro­fes­sional ver­sion is $47.00, and the Devel­op­ers ver­sion is $67.00.

The dif­fer­ences are stark. If you want to resell a web­site that this plug-in is a part of then you will need the Devel­op­ers ver­sion. If you are only going to use it for your own sites then the pro­fes­sional ver­sion is good to go.

The most intrigu­ing and amaz­ing attribute of this plug-in is that you can lit­er­ally set it all up in less than 47 sec­onds. That’s 47 sec­onds folks, not minutes.

The main attrib­utes are: A quick setup wiz­ard, Unlim­ited Mem­ber­ship Lev­els, Pro­tected Con­tent, Free Mem­ber Lev­els, Drip Feed Con­tent, Word­Press Ready, and the devel­op­ers will sort out any prob­lems that you may encounter with a cur­rent WP theme that you may be using (for no charge!).

The light ver­sion lacks some of the attrib­utes that make this such a won­der­ful plug-in such as: Inter­nal Affil­i­ate Sys­tem, Dynamic Dime Sales, Unlim­ited Coupons, Advanced Sta­tis­tics, Inte­grated Autore­spon­der, and Email Broad­cast­ing, but it’s still a fan­tas­tic plug-in with all of the other attrib­utes that come with it.

If you’re inter­ested in cre­at­ing and main­tain­ing mem­ber­ship sites with­out the has­sles of yes­ter­day then this plug-in is for you.

I can say that this Fast­Mem­ber Plu­gin does what it claims and more. The devel­op­ers are tak­ing requests for addi­tional attrib­utes to be added, such as pay­ment options and cur­ren­cies, and they are won­der­fully adept and astute in their responses to all inquiries.

Check it now because it will dis­ap­pear in a few days, and I am seri­ous about that. This offer is only going to last for a very few more days, and then it will dis­ap­pear, only to reap­pear at a much higher cost.

Oh, and I for­got to men­tion, they also offer free updates.

So jump in now and take the plunge of a life­time or regret it later when you real­ize what you missed out on and have to pay full price to get it.

Fast­Mem­ber Plugin


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