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As sub­scribers of I want you to know how much you are appre­ci­ated so I decided to share a tid­bit that I know works and that most gurus keep to themselves.

Who doesn’t want to immor­tal­ize their website?

To immor­tal­ize your web­site is a dream and can become a real­ity if it is done with the proper finesse. There are of course the main prin­ci­ples that we all know and have heard, like link build­ing and con­tent, but what about money and traffic?

How can you make money when you immor­tal­ize your web­site? That is easy to answer, just look around the web and you will see that the most famous web­sites are mak­ing money from adver­tis­ing, not their content.

When you immor­tal­ize your web­site it is more than money, con­tent, or link building.

First of all you have to have a name that is mem­o­rable. It has to be catchy and thought­ful. It has to be easy to recall and type into a key­board or a mobile apparatus.

So how do you come up with a web­site name that is mem­o­rable and not already taken? You have to think out­side of the box.

Stop try­ing so hard to cre­ate a name around a spe­cific niche but instead think of some­thing that is memorable.

Today I was chal­lenged to do just that and I came up with sev­eral imme­di­ately:,,,,,,, and  Now who would for­get those? Not many.

OK, I admit that I did not check to see if all of these names are already reg­is­tered or not, but what the heck, I did do a Google search of all of these names and came up with no estab­lished websites.

I take that back. I did do a reg­is­trar search and all of them were open.

Another thing to con­sider is the BIG QUESTION site name. This con­tin­ues to be over­looked by so many because no one wants you to think about it. Gurus do not want you to know to reg­is­ter domain names of pop­u­lar searches and espe­cially pop­u­lar questions.

I checked two addi­tional web­site domain names and nei­ther of them were taken, or reg­is­tered. One is and the other one is

Now don’t get angry with me. I reg­is­tered both of them myself, but that only goes to show you that it’s pos­si­ble to think out­side of the box and gen­er­ate income pro­duc­ing web­sites with names that can immor­tal­ize your web­site, not only by unique­ness but also by “the immor­tal ques­tion”.

The point is if you are look­ing to estab­lish your­self online and want to immor­tal­ize your web­site it has to have a name that can be remem­bered eas­ily. Get the point?

The con­tent is always the key fac­tor in whether or not the web­site vis­i­tors’ stay or return, but if you are only estab­lish­ing an AdSense web­site or some other adver­tis­ing income venue and only want them to click away to your affil­i­ate site then the con­tent can be dimin­ished to squeeze pages and small ads for goods that you are promoting.

Remem­ber that mem­o­ries are short and if you have a four let­ter web­site that no one can remem­ber it does you no good. It’s bet­ter to have a fif­teen let­ter web­site that peo­ple will remem­ber, even if the con­tent has no rela­tion­ship with the web­site name, although if you can have both then that is fantastic!

To immor­tal­ize your web­site for mem­ory sake and the sake of easy access is extremely impor­tant and this has been neglected in recent years with the niche mar­ket­ing guru crowd, while names like Twit­ter, Face­book, Zeek­ler, and now Pin­ter­est are mak­ing the waves.

It may be great to cap­ture a name like, but it can be dif­fi­cult to cap­ture a name like this, so the next best thing is to go out­side the box and think of some­thing that oth­ers will always remem­ber with ease and immor­tal­ize your website.

NOTE: I want to apol­o­gize to our read­ers. I have been taken away for many days and have had lit­tle time to devote to I feel bad and really do love con­tribut­ing to but there is only so much one per­son can do and the other authors have their own projects, web­sites, and read­er­ships to take care of, so I have to fill in when I can.

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Thank you all for your sup­port, and start today to immor­tal­ize your web­site.


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