Business Journal workhome39now and onlineincomefromyourhome SCAM

The Busi­ness Jour­nal, workhome39now, and the onlinein­come­fromy­ourhome are all Scams that are inter­con­nected and we are expos­ing them.


The ad begins with a $77.95 cost and reduces to $47.95 after three exits away from the site.

Red Flags:

The secu­rity links do not work and if you click on any of the links they take you to a sales page not to any kind of secu­rity site, or ver­ify site.

If you click on the MacAfee logo it takes you to a sales page that requires a pur­chase of over $97.00, which is even more than the adver­tised cost.

This is one more attempt to defraud inno­cent peo­ple who are look­ing for valid instruc­tion on how to make money online and it is sim­ply a Scam.

One inter­est­ing note is that the very same scam is being used by another site and scam that we have reported on called Home Profit Scam and Home­prof­itweb. They are using the iden­ti­cal web pho­tos and ads. This is prob­a­bly because they are the very same scam­mers behind both of these scam sites and products.

Please be aware that these are all scam sites and they do not offer any­thing of value. They are out to rob peo­ple and defraud every­one that gives them their per­sonal infor­ma­tion.

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