Homeprofitweb.com Scam or Home Profit Is Hacking Email Accounts

Home Profit Scam, News7Daily, Homeprofitweb.com, the Fake Con­sumer Career Trends, and Planetbiz.net are Hack­ing Email Accounts

The Home Profit Scam, or Homeprofitweb.com scam, and Planetbiz.net are now hack­ing email accounts in search of victims.

This is a Home Profit scam that is on the site Homeprofitweb.com. Be cau­tious when and if you receive an email from some­one that you know but it has a sus­pi­cious link to a non­de­script site.

These vul­tures at Home Profit and Planetbiz.net can­not get enough vic­tims by adver­tis­ing through nor­mal chan­nels so now they are hack­ing per­sonal email accounts to get the addresses of poten­tial victims.

When we received the email the link took us to planetbiz.net/business-news which is News 7 Daily and the fake Con­sumer Career Trends News site. It is a well known scam site too.

On News 7 Daily they showed the infa­mous scam princess Kelly Richards from Brook­lyn, New York claim­ing to be mak­ing thou­sands of dol­lars post­ing ads.

The links from that site took us to Homeproftweb.com which is home to the Home Profit scam.

Here is some of the ver­biage, or rather garbage, on the Home Profit scam site:

Spe­cial Report from Diana Thomp­son, the #1 home job con­sul­tant in America:

If You Can Spare 60 Min­utes A Day, We Can Offer You A Cer­ti­fied, Proven Work From Home Oppor­tu­nity To Make Up To $377.95 Per Day!

Wealth Devel­op­ment
Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Program

This is the only cer­ti­fied pro­gram in the world for search engine link post­ing, and over 1,000 peo­ple world-wide have been cer­ti­fied through this pro­gram, now mak­ing the money of their dreams by post­ing links from home… for every type of com­pany you can think of!

Mak­ing All The Money You Want
Is Now Com­pletely In Your Control!

And the best part is you can vis­i­bly see exactly how much money you’re mak­ing by click­ing into the earn­ings sec­tion of your per­sonal account! Here’s a glimpse of it:

Last 1 Hour

        Last 24 Hours Last 7 Days
Amount Attempted



Amount Declined


                      $0.00           $0.00
Amound Pre-Authed



Amount Set­tled




And You Can Post Links Offline Too!

You Can Begin post­ing links
And Mak­ing Money Right Away!

What they are try­ing to con­vince peo­ple of is that it is easy to place ads online and make boat­loads of money. This is not true.

To make money online takes as much or more work as an offline job, espe­cially in the begin­ning. Maybe if you stick with it for a long time and learn every­thing you will make a liv­ing from it, but not by join­ing this Home Profit Scam.

Not one of the secu­rity logos on Home Profit is real. They can­not be clicked. That speaks vol­umes about how fake these crim­i­nals are.

When we clicked on the pur­chase link it took us to a pay­ment page where the price was $97.95, when we tried to close the page the price was reduced to $77.95, and then to $47.95, and finally to $27.00. No way, and then: Now Only $14.00, and that was the end.

It went from $97.95 to $14.00 all in a mat­ter of min­utes and even then when we read the Terms and Con­di­tions we could not find a guarantee.

The only guar­an­tee was a seal on the site, and some ver­biage that is meaningless.

The Home Profit scam is just another scam that is hack­ing into email accounts and then cheat­ing peo­ple with lies and promises that are not true.

Run, don’t walk, when you see these adver­tise­ments in your in-box or online.


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