Working From Home In Micro Niche Markets

Micro niche mar­kets can be a very effec­tive way to cre­ate work­ing from home income.

Micro niche mar­kets can offer a lucra­tive work­ing from home advan­tage over broad and gen­er­al­ized mar­kets and prod­ucts if they are in an ever­green mar­ket. But they can also change overnight.

When work­ing from home you need to expand. Never have all of your busi­nesses in the same micro niche or the same type of mar­ket­ing. Once you have suc­cesses build upon them but also begin a new ven­ture in another mar­ket­ing niche or mar­ket­ing platform.

The key to work­ing from home is uti­liz­ing short­cuts, short­cuts that give you the advan­tage of work­ing from home with the desired results by uti­liz­ing your time effec­tively with the least amount of effort.

You need to develop a one per­son busi­ness sys­tem and stick to it. If it fails then change the for­mat and approach. When you dis­cover income, expound upon it, and take it to new lev­els of discovery.

If you base your work­ing from home lifestyle entirely around affil­i­ate prod­ucts, or micro niche affil­i­ate prod­ucts and mar­kets, you will have suc­cesses and see rewards, but it will always fluc­tu­ate and never be stable.

  • The only way to make your online work from home income sta­ble is to have three things.
  • These three things are what you should be work­ing on as you build your income.
  • These three things can save you if some­thing hap­pens to your micro niche affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing efforts.
  • These three things are not what you need in the begin­ning of mar­ket­ing but they should be a goal once you have income com­ing in from your affil­i­ate sales.
  • You need to be devel­op­ing a plan to keep your income sta­ble in an ever­green market.

The Work­ing From Home Three Goals

  1. You need to have your own prod­uct or products
  2. You need to have an opt-in list
  3. You need to have recur­ring income (mem­ber­ship site)

The work­ing from home affil­i­ate mar­ket today is chang­ing rapidly. This is obvi­ous to any­one that mar­kets affil­i­ate products.

Take Ama­zon for an example.

In the past few years Ama­zon has had to close their doors to affil­i­ates in six states, and Ama­zon is cur­rently in lit­i­ga­tion with two other states. This is because states are seek­ing more rev­enue to sup­port their employ­ees and their projects through online taxes.

The world econ­omy is not sound and this is eas­ily seen and under­stood. What is hap­pen­ing is that indi­vid­ual states and cities are close to bank­ruptcy or are already there, and they are look­ing for new sources of revenue.

I am not say­ing that being an affil­i­ate for Ama­zon, Click­Bank, or any of the other pop­u­lar mar­kets is bad. These are still lucra­tive and should be uti­lized, but what I am say­ing is that things change daily online and you need to con­sider this with seriousness.

It can hap­pen overnight.

Google drops your web­site and your traf­fic sud­denly dis­ap­pears, or Ama­zon is not allowed to have affil­i­ates in your state or coun­try. Your work­ing from home income is sud­denly gone. This is not a con­jec­ture. It is, and has, already happened.

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle.

Reduce the time that you put into activ­i­ties that don’t directly make you money when work­ing from home.

You need to reuse the con­tent, the sys­tems, and the resources that are mak­ing you money work­ing from home.

You need to recy­cle by gen­er­at­ing more money from your sub­scribers, vis­i­tors, and buyers.

The key is to make more money work­ing from home with what is already mak­ing you money.

To do this suc­cess­fully is hav­ing your own prod­uct. It does not have to be a prod­uct that you cre­ated on your own. It can be any­thing, but it has to be unique.

The key ele­ment is that your niche or micro niche mar­kets and prod­ucts must be in ever­green mar­kets. If it is not then you will be con­stantly updat­ing, chang­ing, and search­ing for new prod­ucts to earn your work­ing from home income.

An ever­green micro niche mar­ket feeds itself.

You do not have to con­stantly update and write new con­tent. It is fed by the users and the sub­scribers. In times of infla­tion or depres­sion the few things that peo­ple pur­chase and are con­cerned about are food, cloth­ing, weight loss, health, trans­porta­tion, pets, water, and believe it or not jewelry.

Hav­ing your own micro niche prod­uct can be ever­green, if it is in an ever­green market.

When you are an affil­i­ate your aver­age earn­ings are 50%. This is pretty stan­dard across the affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing indus­try. This can be a good work­ing from home income but it is still dis­cre­tionary and not constant.

Hav­ing a mem­ber­ship site can be an answer to all of your con­cerns and needs and can build an income that is con­stant and an ever­green market.

  • A mem­ber­ship site can give the free­dom to make choices and give your mem­ber­ship any­thing that you learn and discover.
  • A mem­ber­ship site is some­thing that you own and no one can take away.
  • A mem­ber­ship site can be based around micro niche mar­kets instead of work­ing from home mar­kets, or they can be combined.


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And remem­ber 3 rules for online success:

1. Know or under­stand how to get your own blog or web­site set up
2. Know how to imple­ment com­pelling copy onto your site
3. And know how to get tar­geted traf­fic to your site

Now get out there and begin your online mar­ket­ing adven­ture and have fun!

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