The Online Police State Pounce On

Online Police State Squashes the SOPA and PITA Victory

The Online War Begins, SOPA and PITA do not have the Last Laugh

We got our wish and SOPA and PITA were squashed but in the shower of cham­pagne and roar of applause the shad­ows of the Online Police State lin­gered, wait­ing to pounce upon was raided on Thurs­day in a uni­lat­eral attack by forces of the FBI and the Depart­ment of Justice.

On Thurs­day, the day after Black Wednes­day, the FBI and the Jus­tice Depart­ment swooped in and arrested four of seven peo­ple that they had arrest war­rants for con­nected with, one of the Inter­nets largest and most pop­u­lar file shar­ing sites. A newly cre­ated IP task force is the one that worked with the for­eign gov­ern­ments to make the arrests.

I have heard so many reac­tionary rea­sons given for the arrests of four of the top offi­cials at the site, but those were not the rea­sons or the why that they were pounced upon by the FBI, the Depart­ment of Jus­tice, and the Inter­na­tional Inter­net Crime Fight­ing Community.

The rea­son why is that they are fol­low­ing orders, orders dic­tated by Record Indus­try Moguls, Movie Tycoons, and the Enter­tain­ment Indus­try Lob­by­ists. A small group of power hun­gry and greedy peo­ple, mem­bers of the 1% that are becom­ing more and more reviled by the rest of the world.

This was a planned attack and would have taken place in any event. It was to show the might of the Online Police State that we are all being whipped by each and every day. The online com­mu­nity is a threat to these power hun­gry mad­men that we have allowed to rule with mega cor­po­ra­tions and dic­tate how we lis­ten to, share our music, watch tele­vi­sion, and be entertained.

The site was a site where new musi­cians and cre­ative artists could share their cre­ativ­ity and tal­ent with oth­ers. It gave them a plat­form to pub­lish their works to the world when the doors were closed by the record­ing indus­try to them. was not a threat to you or me. It was a threat to the cap­i­tal­is­tic vul­tures that demand that only cer­tain artists’ works can be lis­tened to and be shared.

Cap­i­tal­ism can work and should work if hon­est peo­ple are in control.

I like cap­i­tal­ism because it affords a chance for the aver­age per­son to make good and gain some income from hon­est efforts. It also allows new tal­ent to make an income from their cre­ativ­ity, but what these baton swing­ing moguls are doing is not cap­i­tal­ism or the free mar­ket. It is greed and self­ish­ness. They want mon­e­tary con­trol over the Inter­net and every­thing that is digital.

They want the Inter­net com­pletely con­trolled and sealed. They do not want peo­ple to share their thoughts, their cre­ativ­ity, and their tal­ents for free. They want con­trol and profit from any­thing that is cre­ated, whether they had any­thing to do with it or not does not mat­ter to them. They are vicious lit­tle worms hid­ing in their caves of deceit, count­ing their monies while the rest of world weeps.

It is like tele­vi­sion and the new pow­ers at play. It costs an aver­age of over $100.00 for a monthly sub­scrip­tion to any of the three major ser­vice providers today.

It was only 15 years ago that the same ser­vice cost $7.25 a month, and it was as good or bet­ter. And the real cost is in pen­nies not dol­lars. It is in licens­ing fees and hid­den costs that make no sense when a nor­mal per­son tries to under­stand. Tele­vi­sion was free. Remember?

The lob­by­ists that tried so hard to get the SOPA and the PITA bills passed on Wednes­day work for a very small group of peo­ple that have huge inter­ests in see­ing the free­doms of mankind destroyed. Their com­plaint is that copy­righted mate­ri­als are being shared online for free at sites like

This hap­pens. There is no deny­ing it, but the major­ity of the shares are legit­i­mate works and works in the Pub­lic Domain, or by new and upcom­ing artists that have no way to get their music or words to the ears and eyes of others.

In a related and even scarier sce­nario, we have reached a very nar­row precipice.

The Supreme Court, on Wednes­day, handed down a deci­sion that will have a dev­as­tat­ing effect on every­one. It per­mit­ted the re-copyrighting of works that are already in the Pub­lic Domain. Many orches­tras have had to change their play­ing lists and remove some major works from their reper­toire because they can­not afford the newly enacted licens­ing fees.

Just think about all of the books online that can be down­loaded and read for free. They can now be copy­righted by some­one and if you have a copy or ref­er­ence a copy you can be sent to prison. This is not a light issue my friends. This is incred­i­bly huge and devastating.

We are liv­ing in a dig­i­tal age and the fight is on for who gains control.

In almost every his­toric strug­gle the Online Police State win, but ulti­mately the peo­ple rise up and stop shak­ing only their fists. The might of the Cor­po­rate Giants is weigh­ing in and grasp­ing for the last nickel in our pocket while flog­ging us with their bat­tal­ions of online police and injustice.


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