Getting Backlinks and Site Indexing from 25000 Sites

We have writ­ten about site index­ing  get­ting back­links quickly to a new web­site or blog on a few dif­fer­ent posts. One such post is: How to Get Your Site Listed in the Search Engines Quickly

Back­links are not every­thing but they are very impor­tant to Search Engine Ranking

Updated on 02/25/2012

We now have 4 sites for fast site index­ing and get­ting back­links (up to 25,000).  Please do not abuse these sites by using them too often. They are free now and we want them to remain free.

Most of the sites clearly state how often you should use them for one web­site, blog, or web page,  and between them your can receive up 25,000 back­links per site that you sub­mit. It can take up to an hour for each sub­mis­sion so please be patient.

Remem­ber that build­ing back­links is an ongo­ing process and it should be a weekly prac­tice to add a new back­link to your site or a page within your site.

IM Talk Web­site Sub­mit­ter sub­mits to over 2,500 dif­fer­ent sites. All these 2500 plus web­sites are mainly “who is”, “about us”, “web­site sta­tis­tic”, etc. type of ser­vices, result­ing in about 2,500 dif­fer­ent pages with back­links point­ing back to your website.

Some of them are no-follow and some of them are do-follow, but bot­tom line is that these are well estab­lished web­sites reg­u­larly crawled by Google and other Search Engines. These are cred­i­ble back­links and will lift your web­site or blog in the search results for your cho­sen keywords.

IM Talk also has other free tools. They have a direc­tory sub­mit­ter and RSS submitter.

Rapid Indexer sub­mits your URLs to var­i­ous sites. These sites give a value of your URLs and also pro­vide a free link back to your site. Rapid Indexer sends your URLs to over 15,000 sites which gives you that many one way back­links get­ting your URLs indexed rapidly by Google.

The nice option with this ser­vice is that you can sub­mit more than one URL at a time. You also have the option to sub­mit to indi­vid­ual posts and pages (long URL’s). This can take some time if you sub­mit one arti­cle or page at a time but it can also boost that indi­vid­ual page in rank­ing rather than your home page.

This is handy if you have a site that has some pages that are not ranked or are at 0, and you rewrite the con­tent and opti­mize it for new key­words first; use this ser­vice after­ward and it should get your revised page an imme­di­ate boost in ranking.

The orig­i­nal URL title fetches the unique Meta Title and descrip­tion from the  URL’s. Cus­tom gen­er­a­tion is bit slow but is highly recommended.

When using a cus­tom title and descrip­tion, to make the descrip­tion unique they add some ran­dom char­ac­ters at end for Ultra fast generation.

Every time you gen­er­ate a feed this script adds ran­dom char­ac­ters to the descrip­tion so its always unique for engines you can use it 2–3 times a week.

You can sub­mit the URL or pages. They also have an RSS feed gen­er­a­tor that is good too.


We have dis­cov­ered a web­site that sub­mits rather rapidly and claims to get 300 back­links with lit­tle effort. The site is:, and no, we do not have an affil­i­ate con­nec­tion with this site.

You may want to go to Back­link Watch, Web­site Grader or Web­site Shadow and check the amount of links that you have before you use this ser­vice and then you can tell if it has increased your links or not by check­ing back occa­sion­ally.

We tried the site and it does work but it takes some man­ual inter­ven­tion to com­plete the back­link­ing process.

Some­times one site ( freezes the back­link­ing process and you will have to press the skip but­ton to get it started again. You may have to skip four of the sites.

On one Search Engine site ( the link­ing process breaks and to get the link­ing started again the browser needs to be back­spaced (hit the back but­ton). This will start the process once again.

There is one more site that is a hang-up. This site is (one of the Chi­nese Search Engines). It is clas­si­fied as an attack site and all you have to do is click on the “skip” but­ton to con­tinue on.

The site takes too long to load and check all of the links going out of each site so we chose to skip it.

Another site that takes too long is We skipped it after wait­ing for five minutes.

You will have to wait until the mes­sage box appears that says that the back­link­ing process is com­plete, after it fin­ished it revealed that it was only get­ting back­links from 257 sites rather than the 300 that it claimed. It also took nearly two hours to com­plete each back­link­ing process for each site.

As a pre­cau­tion you should run a Mal­ware and Virus scan after using this site to make sure that none of the sites that you vis­ited left any­thing new and unde­sir­able on your com­puter. We did this and found nothing.

It can take up to a month to get all of these new back­links indexed by Google and other index­ing sites. It depends on how often the sites are crawled by the Search Engine bots, but 257 extra back­links are worth the time and effort.

We just wanted to share this web­site with you and hope that it helps you in get­ting back­links to your sites, and give them a lit­tle nudge in the Search Engine rankings.

Remem­ber that for reoc­cur­ring and grade “A” traf­fic you need to have good com­pelling con­tent and keep it updated. Get­ting back­links does play an impor­tant role but your con­tent and your key­words are what really draw and retain the qual­ity traf­fic that you need for online success.

If this works for you then share it with your friends and leave a com­ment let­ting us know how it worked.


Update on 2010/05/26: One of our read­ers has reported that dur­ing the sub­mis­sion process they wit­nessed adult ads (porn ads) on some of the Search Engines. We did not encounter any of these ads dur­ing our trial sub­mis­sions about two weeks ago. So this is new information.

Their con­cern is whether get­ting a back­link from some of these Search Engines will reflect neg­a­tively on their Web­site. We per­son­ally do not think that this could hap­pen, largely because these are Search Engines not Websites.

We have noticed that our link­ing has increased over the last two weeks due to our use of the sub­mis­sion and we do not have any back­links from ques­tion­able sites.

You can do a quick check on your back­links and find out if you have links from ques­tion­able sites or not by using the free tools on this post: Check­ing Your Web­site or Blog Stats

With all free ser­vices the infor­ma­tion may not be accu­rate. Even Google and Alexa are not entirely accu­rate. We use a paid soft­ware SEO Elite which gives good track­ing results.

You have to remem­ber that Search Engine back­links are dif­fer­ent than Web­site back­links and on some ser­vices you may show 2,900 links and oth­ers may only show a few hun­dred, so it is dif­fi­cult to track and verify.

If you use these free tools first you can see how many inbound links you cur­rently have and how many new ones that you have gen­er­ated by scrolling to the bot­tom and read­ing the infor­ma­tion: Web­site Shadow, Back­link Watch or Web­site Grader

But as noted above this may not be com­pletely accu­rate, espe­cially when it comes to Search Engines.

You should also check your links out from your site and find out if you have any ques­tion­able links already: Bad-Neighborhood

Since we posted this we have had sev­eral peo­ple use this ser­vice and only one com­ment. Please make use of the com­ment sec­tion and tell us how this worked out for you personally.

If this sub­mis­sion is not work­ing well for our read­ers we want to know so that we can advice them.


And remem­ber 3 rules for online success:

1. Know or under­stand how to get your own blog or web­site set up
2. Know how to imple­ment com­pelling copy onto your site
3. And know how to get tar­geted traf­fic to your site

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